Swedish Holidays, flagdays and more

Here we post and discuss the iCal calendars which users create with EssentialPIM
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Swedish Holidays, flagdays and more

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I made a few Ical calendars that you can use in Epim if you like. This is mostly for Swedish people.

Swedish Flagdays (2024) - https://github.com/HomeOffline/Flaggdagar
Free (non work) days in Sweden (2024) - https://github.com/HomeOffline/Rodadagar
Name day in Sweden (2024, but could be repeated for ever i think) - https://github.com/HomeOffline/Namnsdagar
Special days (2024) in Sweden sane version (2024) - https://github.com/HomeOffline/Temadagar
Special days (2024) in Sweden insane version (2024) - https://github.com/HomeOffline/TemadagarCrazy
Nationaldays for most of the planet - https://github.com/HomeOffline/Nationaldagar

Let me know if there are any errors.
Fun fact: I used EPIM to create the events and then exported them to ICAL.

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