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Q: How can I delete unnecessary fields from contacts?  

A: Open any contact, select the field you want to delete and press "Delete field" button.


Q: Is it possible to add additional anniversaries to contact i.e. wife’s birthday or any other?  

A: Yes, open any contact and press "Add field" button then set Date Field type. EPIM will create recurring task for this event the same as for birthdays then.


Q: How to add/remove columns to display in Contacts view?  

A: Right-click columns caption and choose fields to display.


Q: How can I add/edit field(s) in contacts?  

A: Open any contact and press “Add field” or select a field and press “Edit field” correspondingly.


Q: How can I change fields order in Contacts?  

A: Just drag them in preferred order with left mouse button.


Q: Some fields are not listed in Contacts table (main view) and some are not necessary. How to set to display needed fields?

A: Right-click on field name caption and choose fields to display from context menu. Pressing on Costumize option in the right-click menu opens a dialog where you can adjust fields set.