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EssentialPIM Free is a full-featured personal information manager, which offers:


Excellent usability. Shortcuts that are fun to use and boost your productivity. Easy, intuitive tools arranged right where you need them

Security. All data can be password-protected and the database file is encrypted with the advanced industry standard AES (Rijndael), 128-bit key

Versatile import and export capabilities. You can import and export HTML, RTF, CSV, TXT and TreePad. You can perform import/export with Microsoft Outlook

Synchronization with Android and iPhone/iPad

Available in many languages, including: Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), Czech, English, French, German, Hellenic, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, etc.

System tray icon with a hotkey for starting and configuring the software

Open-source Firebird database. Advanced users and system administrators get great flexibility in managing databases