Potable version issues

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Q: I want to upgrade my U3 version but can't find it on your download page?  

A: Sorry, U3 version won't be supported anymore. You can install version for regular drives. Download the ZIP file and unzip it on your flash drive and run EssentialPIM.exe. Launchpad icon could be added with this tool - http://www.softpedia.com/reviews/windows/Shortcut-Creator-4U3--Review-76269.shtml


Q: My EPIM is very slow on my USB stick. How can I boost it up?  

A: EPIM speed depends on your USB stick speed. Try to empty Trash and delete old unnecessary items. You can also try to Optimize database (File -> Database management -> Optimize). These measures should boost performance. Try also to reformat USB drive.


Q: Can I use portable EPIM as the desktop EPIM?  

A: Yes, sure just unzip Portable version to a hard drive and run EssentialPIM.exe from program folder.

Note, portable version can't be a default mail client.