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EssentialPIM allows you to print out all your information in easy to read form. Print menu is accessible at File -> Print.


What you print will depend on in which view you are currently in: Calendar, Notes, or Contacts.

All data can be printed one-by one, or you can select multiple entries using CTRL + mouse (for contacts and Notes), or All entries can be printed.

To rotate the page, in the Print Preview Page, find "Page Setup", or press Alt+U and you will be able to change the Orientation of the page.


Printing EPIM Today

You can print EPIM Today - exactly as it looks on the screen.


Printing Calendar

There are several option of how to print Calendar: Day View, Week View and Month View. All are different options for representing your day schedule. You can also print several Days, Weeks and Months.


Printing Tasks

You can select which Tasks to print and which fields. If you want to select multiple Tasks, use CTRL+ Mouse, or Shift+ Keyboard arrows.


Printing Notes

You can select several, one or all notes to print out into. A tree of all notes is printed above all notes.


Printing Contacts

You can select which contacts to print out (using CTRL+ Mouse, or Shift+ Keyboard arrows), or print out all.