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EssentialPIM 8.56 Released

26 September 2019

We are glad to announce the release of EssentialPIM Pro and EssentialPIM Free 8.56. This is a maintenance release and probably the last one in the 8.5x series as we're getting close to the 8.6 version release. Among the changes are: improved synchronization with iCloud and Google, ability to directly edit appointments, better handling of the Windows sleep mode for EPIM clients from the Business edition, and couple of other fixes and improvements, the detailed list of which is accessible on the Version History page.

Update to this version is free for anyone with the regular 1 year of free updates licenses if you already have the 8.5x series version of EssentialPIM Pro installed. Update is always free for the lifetime license holders. To upgrade your regular license to the lifetime one, please visit the Pricing page.

To download the latest version, click on Help->Check for Updates from within EPIM or visit the Get EPIM page.

PS As you already might have noticed, you can now leave comments for news. Please feel free to do that, we will be happy to respond.

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