News and Updates About EssentialPIM

EssentialPIM Pro and EssentialPIM Free 5.8 Released

16 April 2014

We are glad to announce the immediate availability of the new versions of EssentialPIM Pro and EssentialPIM Free 5.8. We have added several major features and many minor ones into this release. Among major features are: EPIM Cloud, PGP support for email messages, and ability to assign a read-only status to any of the items in the EPIM database (email excluded). The detailed list with all the changes can be seen on the Version History page.

The new version can be downloaded from the Get EPIM page.

Update to EssentialPIM Pro 5.8 is free for anyone who has purchased EssentialPIM Pro license after April 1, 2013 or if you are a proud owner of the lifetime license. In case you need to renew your existing license or upgrade it to the lifetime one, please see the available renewal and upgrade options on the Buy page.

EssentialPIM for Android 3.0.5 Released

14 April 2014

What's new:

  • Synchronization with Google Tasks now works across all devices and Android OS versions
  • Option to not show notes for calendar events on daily and weekly views (if these views are slow on your device)
  • Problem with synchronization of contacts with Windows EPIM is solved
  • No more accidental "Upgrade to Pro version" menu option for registered users
  • Fix for some issues related to Chinese Traditional translation
  • Fixed other smaller bugs found since last version

EssentialPIM for Android 3.0.4 Released

31 March 2014

What's new:

  • Optimization of the Month widget
  • Improved PC Sync module window rotation
  • Fixed issue with Windows EPIM contacts synchronization
  • Fixed issue with some appointments not being shown in Agenda view
  • Fixed auto link detection in Notes on Android 2.x
  • Fixed upgrade to Pro version message popping up time to time for already registered users
  • Fixed some glitches with scrolling in calendar’s Month and Year views
  • Other fixes and performance improvements

EssentialPIM for Android 3.0.2 Released

5 March 2014

What's new:

  • Calendar (agenda and month view) widgets*
  • To Do widget*
  • Quick add new EPIM items widget
  • Reminder repeat interval option
  • Auto delete completed to dos after a time interval
  • Ability to set the number of lines of notes visible in the To Do list
  • The location field in Calendar now links to a GPS app
  • Auto detection of links such as urls and email addresses in the notes fields
  • Display of notes on the daily and weekly views in Calendar

*Available only in the new Pro version. To upgrade to EssentialPIM Pro, tap on Menu and choose the "Upgrade to Pro" option.

EssentialPIM for Android 2.5.4 Released

1 December 2013

What's new:

  • Updated Dutch localization (thanks to Peter Tak)
  • Fixed crash in passwords
  • Fixed crash with reminders on Android 2.3
  • Couple of other small fixes

EssentialPIM for Android 2.5 Released

28 November 2013

What's new:

  • Added light theme
  • Ability to delete completed tasks at once
  • Select first day of week for Calendar
  • Choose default reminder time for events
  • Auto-save of last used view for Calendar, To Do, Notes
  • Choose any ringtone for reminders
  • Interface tweaks and improvements
  • Full compatibility with Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Some UI tweaks for devices with HD screens
  • Other fixes and optimizations

EssentialPIM for Android 2.4 Released

18 October 2013

What's new:

  • Updated French and Belorussian languages (thanks to D. Roumanet and Sidorski Aliaksandr)
  • Fixed sorting of tasks
  • Fixed issue with some interface languages

EssentialPIM for Android 2.3.7 Released

16 October 2013

What's new:

  • Revamped To Do module
  • Fixed issue with widgets
  • Many other fixes and optimizations

EssentialPIM Pro and Essential Free 5.57 Released

10 September 2013

We announce the immediate availability of EssentialPIM Pro and EssentialPIM Free 5.57. This release introduces couple of improvements, bug fixes found since last update and overall optimization of the software.

New versions can be downloaded from the Get EPIM page. More details about changes in this version can be found on the Version History page.

Update to EssentialPIM Pro 5.57 is free for all users who already have EssentialPIM Pro 5.5x version.

EssentialPIM for Android 2.3 Released

20 August 2013

What's new:

  • Widgets (shortcuts) for quick and direct access to any of the app’s modules from your home screen
  • Fixed minor issue with To Do reminders
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