News and Updates About EssentialPIM

EssentialPIM for Android 1.92 Released

15 April 2013

What's new:

  • Updated Italian and French translations
  • Fixed issue in Calendar when switching from Week to Month view
  • Fixed loop in Notes after syncing with Windows EPIM
  • Fixed sync issues in Contacts

EssentialPIM for Android 1.9 Released

4 April 2013

What's new:

  • Added Month view in Calendar
  • Added Today button in Agenda view (access it by tapping on Menu)
  • Updated Italian and French translations (thanks to Guido Pascale and D. Roumanet)
  • Optimized handling of reminders
  • Couple of minor bug fixes

Introducing EPIM-Outlook Sync

28 March 2013

We would like to announce the release of the new freeware tool for synchronizing EssentialPIM with Outlook 64-bit. Due to different architecture, EssentialPIM needs a separate application to synchronize with a 64-bit version of MS Outlook or Exchange Server.

EPIM-Outlook Sync is available for download from the Get EPIM page. More information about the tool can be found in the Supplementary Apps section.

EssentialPIM for Android 1.8.8 Released

27 March 2013

What's new:

  • Fixed out memory error during sync for some older devices
  • Various bug fixes related to handling of database requests

EssentialPIM for Android 1.8.7 Released

25 March 2013

What's new:

  • Added Vietnamese and Serbian localizations (thanks to Le Cuong and Dorel Voštinar)
  • Updated Russian, Dutch and Czech languages (thanks to vvorl, Peter Tak and Jiří Humplík)
  • Fixed a bug causing problems with correct listing of password entries
  • Fixed problem with showing calendar dates incorrectly in the Agenda view after sync with EPIM
  • Fixed several stability issues

EssentialPIM Pro and EssentialPIM Free 5.52 Released

21 March 2013

A new version of EssentialPIM 5.52 is here. This is a service release that fixes most of the issues found in the previous 5.5 and 5.51 versions.

If you are using Pro version, this update is free for you if you purchased on 24th February, 2012 or later. If unsure, use Help->About menu to check the date. If your 1 year of free updates is expiring, you can switch to Lifetime Updates to make sure you have the newest version always for free.

The detailed log with changes for this release is available from the Version History page.

EssentialPIM Pro and EssentialPIM Free 5.51 Released

8 March 2013

We would like to introduce a new version of EssentialPIM. This is mostly a bugfix release with all the major issues found since last version fixed. That includes but not limited to: synchronization with OneMediaHub, Memotoo, Google Contacts and iCloud services, Week view in Calendar, native Dropbox integration and Unicode support.

The complete list of changes is available on the Version History page.

Update to the new version of EssentialPIM Pro is free for anyone who currently uses version 5.5.

EssentialPIM for Android 1.8.6 Released

7 March 2013

What's new:
  • New Weekly view in Calendar
  • Added Italian language (thanks to Guido Pascale)
  • Updated Chinese, Czech, German and Russian localizations (thanks to Sunnair, Jiří Humplík, Rainer Defèr and Vvorl)
  • Fixed some issues with recurring tasks
  • Fixed crash in Passwords
  • Fixed rare crashes on some devices during program start-up
  • Fixed all-day appointments showing incorrectly in Agenda view after DST changes
  • Other fixes and performance improvements

EssentialPIM Pro and EssentialPIM Free 5.5 Released

26 February 2013

We announce the immediate availability of EssentialPIM 5.5. This is a major update introducing several new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.

Key enhancements of PC version include:

  • Native Dropbox support. Now you can store your database on the Dropbox cloud service and EssentialPIM will automatically download, upload, pack database. It all works as if you are working always with a local file. Now you can work on any computer without carrying your database with you!
  • Full Apple iCloud support. For you, iDevice owners - now you can synchronize Contacts, Calendar and Reminder items over the air with EssentialPIM
  • CardDAV synchronization. Now you can synchronize your contacts with any CardDAV supporting server (e.g. Owncloud)

New features of Android version:

  • Calendar module. All EssentialPIM Calendar data is synchronized with Android EPIM Calendar module (as opposed to syncing with Android native Calendar). Currently Agenda and Day views are available, we are working on adding more views
  • All contact fields are now synchronized with Android
  • Photo synchronization in Android contact sync

Changes in iOS version:

  • Fixed minor issues

All existing EssentialPIM users are strongly encouraged to upgrade to 5.5 version. If you are using Pro version, this update is free for you if you purchased on 24th February, 2012 or later. If unsure, use Help-> About menu to check the date.

For Windows, Android and iOS downloads, please visit our Get EPIM page.

The full list of changes can be found on the Version History page.

EssentialPIM Pro and EssentialPIM Free are now in Windows 8 Store!

24 September 2012

EssentialPIM Pro and Free have passed all required certifications and are now listed in Windows 8 Store. This demonstrates the quality of the applications and their compatibility with Windows 8. If you are using Windows 8, you can post positive reviews in the Store, which will encourage us to make EPIM even better! You can find EssentialPIM in "Productivity" category.

EssentialPIM in Windows 8 Store_1 EssentialPIM in Windows 8 Store_2

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