News and Updates About EssentialPIM

EssentialPIM 5.03 Released. With automatic text color inversion for dark categories

24 August 2012

We are pleased to announce the release of 5.03 version of EssentialPIM Pro and EssentialPIM Free. The new feature to automatically invert text color for dark categories was introduced in this minor update. We also improved the way categories are being shown, improved synchronization with Android and iOS devices and fixed known issues.

  • This update is free for all current EssentialPIM Pro 5.x version users.
  • For a full list of changes, please see the Version History section.
  • Get the new versions from the Download page.

EssentialPIM for iOS (iPhone/iPad) 2.0.6 Released

17 August 2012

What's new:
  • Improvements in Password module (also fixes crash in Passwords)

EssentialPIM for Android 1.4 Released

13 August 2012

What's new:
  • New feature to select where transfer EPIM data to (Contacts to phone or selected account, Appointments to local calendar or selected account)
  • Added ability to change order of tabs in To Do and Notes modules
  • Redesigned settings and other menus for easier interaction

EssentialPIM for iOS (iPhone/iPad) 2.0.5 Released

31 July 2012

First public release.

EssentialPIM for Android 1.3.6 Released

24 July 2012

What's new:
  • Added last sync time
  • Fixed bug introduced in previous version when the app froze with blank screen on start (sorry about that and thanks for quickly notifying us about the issue)

EssentialPIM for Android 1.3.5 Released

23 July 2012

What's new:
  • Added French translation (Thanks to D. Roumanet and V. Eberhardt)
  • Updated language files
  • Fixed crash in Passwords

EssentialPIM for Android 1.3.3 Released

17 July 2012

What's new:
  • Added Czech translation (thanks to Petr Simanek and Jiri Humplik)
  • Improved synchronization of appointments with EssentialPIM
  • Fixed couple of issues related to synchronization of special character symbols

EssentialPIM for Android 1.3.2 Released

13 July 2012

What's new:
  • Fixed force closure after synchronization with EssentialPIM on some devices

EssentialPIM for Android 1.3.1 Released

13 July 2012

What's new:
  • Added Portuguese translation (thanks to Fernando Sousa)
  • Improved synchronization of contacts with EssentialPIM
  • Fixed annoying issue with the Connect button in PC Sync module not always working properly

EssentialPIM for Android 1.3 Released

11 July 2012

What's new:
  • Added Dutch translation (thanks to Peter Tak)
  • Added Spanish translation (thanks to Javier Antonio Nisa Avila)
  • Added Russian translation (thanks to vvorl)
  • Added Chinese simplified translation (thanks to Sunniar)
  • Fixed couple of crushes in Notes and Passwords modules on some devices
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