News and Updates About EssentialPIM

EssentialPIM Free and EssentialPIM Pro 3.0 RC 3 (Beta) Released

12 May 2009

This is the first public appearance for absolutely new EssentialPIM 3.0. This is not a final release, yet. Therefore, please make sure to backup your existing database first, prior opening it with this new version.

The new major features of EPIM 3.0 include:

  • Mail module
  • Mass Mail is now renamed to "Newsletter" and works with built in mailer
  • Tabs in To Do module
  • New Print reports for paper organizers- for Classic and A5 sizes- for most printouts
  • To Do now color-codes tasks according to selected category
  • You can "switch off"/hide modules
  • Time selection component in Schedule and To Do
  • New columns in To Do and Schedule table views: "Created", "Completed"
  • Search bar in Schedule (all views)
  • Search bar in all modules improved
Download links are available from the Download section of our web site.

We appreciate you let know about any problems you might encounter with this new release of EssentialPIM either by posting a message in the Support Forum or by sending us an e-mail to

Note 1!: EssentialPIM 3.0 RC 3 is compatible with databases created with EPIM 2.x. However, as the database format has been changed for EPIM 3.0, you will not be able to open EPIM 3.0 RC 3 databases with EPIM 2.x versions.

Note2!: We consider EssentialPIM 3.0 ReleaseCandidate 3 as a Beta version, which means it is most likely less stable than the latest release of the 2.81 series.

Note3!: This version will install itself into a different folder (by default) in order not to interfere with the latest stable version of EssentialPIM you might have installed on your computer.

Spring Special! We Offer Free Add-ons If You Purchase EPIM Pro / EPIM Pro Network Now

1 March 2009

If you purchase either EssentialPIM Pro Desktop/Portable or EssentialPIM Pro Netwrork during the spring period, we include all the add-ons for free for you!

The license key you receive after registration already contains licenses for WinMobile Sync, Google Cal. Sync, Outlook Sync and Palm Sync add-ons. Simply register your copy of EssentialPIM Pro with it and all the add-ons will be enabled automatically.

Order EssentialPIM Pro Desktop/Portable now! ($39.95)
Order EssentialPIM Pro Network now! ($49.95)

Note! Existing registered users of any edition of EssentialPIM Pro who purchased the program during 2008, are entitled to free upgrade to all add-ons. Contact us with your registration details and weТll do our best to fulfill your request in 2-3 business days.

EssentialPIM 2.81 Released

29 October 2008

This is a fix release that includes fixes for Outlook Sync MAPI error and couple of other corrections primarily related to the Notes module.

More detailed list of changes can be seen in Version History.

EssentialPIM 2.8 and EPIM Synchronizer 2.8 Released

17 October 2008

We are proud to present new versions of EssentialPIM Free and EssentalPIM Pro. Both of the editions include many new requested features and improvements. Most notable of them are: ability to expand/collapse notes and to dos, new search bar in Notes that can be hidden if needed, feature to quick-scroll through dates in Schedule, improved printing when empty fields can be automatically excluded, possibility to enter birthdays without a year in Contacts. Known bugs and omissions were fixed for this release, as well.

The new version of EPIM Synchronizer now allows correct synchronization of databases with identical IDs and also addresses changes made in EPIM 2.8.

For the detailed list of changes in EssentialPIM 2.8 please see the Version History section.

EssentialPIM Pro 2.72 Released

13 August 2008

This release of the Pro version of EssentialPIM addresses categories disappearing issue found in the latest 2.71 release. We strongly advice all users of EssentialPIM Pro 2.71 to upgrade to this latest release.

EssentialPIM 2.71 Released

8 August 2008

The new version of EssentialPIM 2.71 brings couple of improvements with regard to working with categories and fixes of all known bugs and errors found since the latest edition. We recommend current EPIM users to upgrade to this new release.

You can find the detailed list of changes in Version History.

EssentialPIM 2.7 and EPIM Synchronizer 2.7 Released

2 July 2008

The new versions of EssentialPIM Pro and EssentialPIM Free are now available for download. Most notable changes for this release include ability to view To Dos in Schedule (To Do bar), possibility to interlink in between items (for Notes only, so far), and option to set recurrences for To Dos. Some interface improvements like new repeat and reminder icons were implemented, as well. The detailed list of changes can be found in Version History.

Simultaneously weТre also releasing EPIM Synchronizer 2.7 in order to allow synchronization with EPIM database files created/opened in EPIM 2.7.

All programs are available for download from the Download section.

EssentialPIM 2.52 Released

3 May 2008

This new version of EssentalPIM introduces fixes with regard to Google and WinMobile synchronization issues found in the previous versions. Some other known bugs and omissions were fixed, as well. The detailed list of changes is in the Version History section.

All users of the current versions of EssentialPIM are encouraged to upgrade to this latest release.

EPIM Synchronizer 2.0 Released

22 April 2008

EPIM Synchronizer 2.0 is available for download now. It supports all databases created in EssentialPIM 2.0 and later versions. We recommend all current users to upgrade to this release.

EssentialPIM 2.51 Released

14 April 2008

This is a quick fix release that addresses some of the migration problems from the previous versions of EssentialPIM to the latest. Couple of print preview issues were fixed, as well.

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