News and Updates About EssentialPIM

EssentialPIM Has Been Selected as Pricelessware!

22 January 2007

The Pricelessware List reflects the categories and programs favored by alt.comp.freeware newsgroup participants. The Pricelessware slogan is "the best of the best in FreewareФ.

We are proud to announce that EssentialPIM is one of the programs selected and nominated.

Pricelessware 2007 Award

The program is listed here:

For more information about Pricelessware see this web page:

Attention Pest Patrol and AOL Anti-spyware Users Getting LP5 Unpacking Error

22 January 2007

Latest versions of Pest Patrol and AOL Anti-spyware (which is a rebranded version of Pest Patrol) have issues that prevent EssentialPIM from starting. Until Pest Patrol's vendors have issued a fix for it, we can provide you with a solution.

Download the following file EPIM.reg (please use right-click and Save As) to your computer, then run it. Windows will ask you if you agree to add information to the registry. Reply Yes.
The file adds EssentialPIM.exe to Pest Patrol's exclusion lists and is completely harmless.

EssentialPIM Pro 1.95 and EssentialPIM Free 1.95 Released. EssentialPIM Online Beta is now available!

21 November 2006

The new version of EssentialPIM is introduced along with the Beta version of EssentialPIM Online. Despite of some changes and bug fixes made in EPIM 1.95, the new version of EssentialPIM Pro has full synchronization abilities with newly launched EPIM Online.

Full list of changes for EPIM 1.95 can be found in the Version History section.

More information about EPIM Online is available from here.

EssentialPIM 1.92 Pro Released

17 October 2006

This quick fix release corrects the problem with AV error when sorting contacts by Membership.

EssentialPIM 1.91 Pro Portable U3 Edition Released

13 October 2006

The latest version of EssentialPIM Pro Portable U3 edition is now available for download. If you are upgrading it, please consider following.

Due to a missing feature in any versions prior to 1.91 your license key will not be preserved unless you follow the simple procedure:

  • Download FindKey application. Run it. Follow instructions (save your License Key into a safe place). This small application retrieves your EPIM Key and allows you to save it. Virus Free
  • Download EPIM U3 1.91. Install it. Run it
  • Insert your license key into 1.91 (Help -> Register menu)

If it does not work, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting your email you used for buying EPIM Pro Portable. We will issue a license for you. Please note it may take several days.

EssentialPIM 1.91 Pro and EssentialPIM 1.91 Free Released

11 October 2006

This release mainly fixes the problem with conversion of old EPIM databases from 1.7 version to the latest one. You can see the rest of changes in the Version History section.

Please note that update for EssentialPIM Pro U3 edition is to be released soon- we are improving update mechanisms.

EssentialPIM 1.9 Pro and EssentialPIM 1.9 Free Released

2 October 2006

There is a new module in the program called Trash. You do not need to worry about accidentally deleted items anymore. All you have deleted might easily be restored and put back to work with a click of a mouse.

Another main improvements for EPIM 1.9 include increased number of priorities for Tasks and To DoТs, easy export to iPod, Mass Mail utility (allows very flexible mailing to your contacts), "Private" checkbox (allows show/hide items in EPIM and their exclusion in export/synchronization), and improved support for Unicode in all program's modules.

For the full list of changes, please see the Version History section.

EssentialPIM 1.82 Pro and EssentialPIM 1.82 Free Released

7 July 2006

Another minor release of EssentialPIM that improves the existing functionality of the program and fixes some small bugs and omissions found since EPIM 1.81 was released.

You can find the complete list of changes in the Version History section.

EssentialPIM 1.81 Pro and EssentialPIM 1.81 Free Released

16 June 2006

This is a bugfix release with some improvements made with regards to showing of Subject/Body entries in the Schedule module, as requested by many users. Although not critical bugs were found, weТd still like to suggest current EPIM users to update to this new version of the program.

You may see the detailed list of changes for this version in the Version History section.

EssentialPIM Pro 1.8 and EssentialPIM Free 1.8 Released

25 May 2006

The EPIM team is proud to announce the release of the new version of EssentialPIM 1.8. This release combines a significant amount of new features and feature enhancements with a number of bug fixes found in the previous version of the program. Some of the key changes of EPIM 1.8 include:

  • Full Outlook synchronization
  • Additional encryption algorithms for the database
  • TreePad format full import (*.hjt, including reconstruction of the document tree)
  • Google calendar import and export of WEB iCal format
  • Global customizable shortcuts for all functions of the program
  • Ability to utilize tabs in Notes module
  • Hierarchy and sorting in contact groups
  • And many more...

The full list of changes is available in the Version History.

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