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EssentialPIM 1.82 Pro and EssentialPIM 1.82 Free Released

7 July 2006

Another minor release of EssentialPIM that improves the existing functionality of the program and fixes some small bugs and omissions found since EPIM 1.81 was released.

You can find the complete list of changes in the Version History section.

EssentialPIM 1.81 Pro and EssentialPIM 1.81 Free Released

16 June 2006

This is a bugfix release with some improvements made with regards to showing of Subject/Body entries in the Schedule module, as requested by many users. Although not critical bugs were found, weТd still like to suggest current EPIM users to update to this new version of the program.

You may see the detailed list of changes for this version in the Version History section.

EssentialPIM Pro 1.8 and EssentialPIM Free 1.8 Released

25 May 2006

The EPIM team is proud to announce the release of the new version of EssentialPIM 1.8. This release combines a significant amount of new features and feature enhancements with a number of bug fixes found in the previous version of the program. Some of the key changes of EPIM 1.8 include:

  • Full Outlook synchronization
  • Additional encryption algorithms for the database
  • TreePad format full import (*.hjt, including reconstruction of the document tree)
  • Google calendar import and export of WEB iCal format
  • Global customizable shortcuts for all functions of the program
  • Ability to utilize tabs in Notes module
  • Hierarchy and sorting in contact groups
  • And many more...

The full list of changes is available in the Version History.

EssentialPIM Pro 1.71 and EssentialPIM Free 1.71 Released

31 January 2006

This is mostly a service release. Although, couple of new features were also added. The main fix relates to the PPC edition. Now users with PPCs running Windows Mobile 2003SE OS can synchronize with EssentialPIM without any problems. All other fixes relate to the standard editions of the program.

You can find the complete changelog for the current version in the Version History section.

Special Offer: EssentialPIM Pro Upgrade to PPC Edition at 30% Discount!

13 January 2006

DonТt miss a chance to upgrade your copy of EssentialPIM Pro to PPC Edition at a 30% discount rate. The regular price is $19.95 while 30% off would lower it to 13.95 ONLY!

The offer is valid as for the new as for the existing customers and will last for 30 days only starting from today.

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EssentialPIM Pro 1.7 and EssentialPIM Free 1.7 Released

13 January 2006

Long-awaited new versions of EssentialPIM are finally here. WeТve prepared many new improvements to the programТs performance along with a large number of new features and enhanced options for even more convenient day to day operation.

Some of the new major features include:

  • Synchronization with Pocket PCs

  • iCal export and import capabilities

  • vCard support

This version also features a portable edition for U3 compatible devices.

For the complete list of changes, please see the Version History section.

EssentialPIM Pro and EssentialPIM Free 1.6 Released

28 September 2005

Turn your home PC into office. Make your office desktop feel home like. Both possible with EssentialPIM.

Linden, New Jersey - September 28, 2005 EPIM Ltd. today released the highly anticipated version of its personal information manager, EssentialPIM 1.6. The core components of the PIM were reinforced by data protection, attachment support, multi-user access, and on-the-go backup. Whether it is an attachment in EssentialPIM database, backup file or multiple copies on the net, personal data is securely protected with a password and an industry standard encryption. Editable categories and unlimited length of data fields have added to the functionality of the new version. These new features make EssentialPIM a perfect choice for SOHO users.

Different applications generate scores of documents and memos directed to one end. Without data integration there is always a chance of overlooking some important clues and dates. EssentialPIM Pro v1.6 helps link these documents to items on a user's agenda. The program's database creates a single point of reference for contacts, tasks, notes, and to do lists. It bonds together notes and documents under separate tasks with the view on their relative progress and deadlines. It also marks the priority of each item and shows hierarchical relation between notes and documents. The program's powerful search engine saves time and delivers requested data in a blink. By scheduling separate bits of work, marking their priority, and linking them together one can dramatically increase the overall work efficiency.

A great scope for customization complements the program's extensive functionality. Visual presentation of scheduled tasks features different color code and viewing modes. To Do list reflects the status of each item and its priority. These and many other features were suggested by users to better meet their daily needs. Here are some testimonials to illustrate users' view of the program:

"In the past I would have bits of paper lying around all over the place.EssentialPIM was so good I never even tried looking for any alternative.... All in all, I would be lost without it." Terry Rogers, Portsmouth, UK.

"I like EPIM for the following reasons: It's small yet powerful. It has almost all the functionality I want from this type of software. It's extremely intuitive and easy to use, yet flexible to meet the needs of many different users." John Wales, UK.

Network support provided by EssentialPIM can also increase joint productivity of a team. Professional version of the program allows simultaneous access to documents in shared folders, personal assignments and performance tracks. This makes EssentialPIM Pro an effective management tool for both personal and team schedules.

EssentialPIM is available in the Desktop and Portable versions. The Portable edition allows moving data onto a flash drive or other removable media with all its settings so that no trace of personal information can be found in the host system. This feature provides a great benefit for users of desktops who wish to keep tasks, appointments, notes, and contacts at hand all the time.

EssentialPIM v1.6 Features at a Glance

  • Core components: Contacts, Schedule, To Do, and Note Outliner

  • Data export and import with support for HTML, RTF, CSV, and TXT formats

  • Complete import from MS Outlook or Outlook Express

  • Intuitive interface with multilingual support (20 languages)

  • Color coded scheduler with support for recurring tasks

  • Drag-and-drop rescheduling

  • Easy WYSIWYG printout

  • One click sort out

  • Fast and powerful search by subject, date, word or phrase

  • Tree, table and flat view in Outliner

  • Hyperlink document view from any component

  • Task assignment and performance track

  • Feature rich text processor for notes

  • Attachment storage in EPIM database or as a shortcut

  • Password protection and advanced AES (Rijndael) encryption

  • Backup on-the-go

Availability and Pricing
EssentialPIM v1.6 runs under Windows 95, 98, 2000, 2003, ME, XP platforms.

A fully-functional trial version of the program and freeware version with core functionality are available at

There are Free and Pro versions of EssentialPIM v1.6. Both versions are available in Desktop and Portable editions. Professional Desktop edition costs 29.95 USD, professional Portable edition is priced at 39.95 USD, though various discounts are offered.

About EPIM Ltd.
Dynamically developing company with headquarters in Linden, NJ, EPIM Ltd. concentrates its efforts on business applications for MS Windows environment. Our flagship products EssentialPIM and EZOutlookSync have won global recognition for their flexibility and extensive user support. Software under EPIM brand is successfully deployed in home and business systems to the benefit of hundreds thousand users.

EssentialPIM Pro 1.5 Released!

6 July 2005

Today 6-th of July, EPIM Ltd. announces the release of a Pro version of its popular Personal Information Management Tool- EssentialPIM.
EssentialPIM Pro is the advanced version of popular EssentialPIM Free- the award-winning solution to managing personal data.

EPIM Pro features functions in demand from our huge group of EPIM users and only those essential features that actually are useful.

Additional features in PRO version:

  • Editable Categories. To Do and Tasks modules have common categories list. You can now add/remove, move up/down categories and custom colours can be assigned to each category

  • Advanced To Do. Hierarchical To Do list. All to dos can now have sub to do tasks

  • Database sharing. Each database can be used simultaneously by several users, concurrent access is allowed

  • Attachments. Users can now hold their files directly in EPIM database! You can either save links to the files, or files themselves! Each Note/Task/To Do/Contact can have unlimited numbers of files attached/linked

  • Assignees. Each To Do/Task can have assignees, selected from the Contacts module (or added customly)

  • Backup. That's a robust backup solution, keeping adjustable number of copies of the database and made in adjustable periods, on the fly

  • Fields in Contacts now have editable length. Adjust the database the way you want it to

Download EssentialPIM Pro
Purchase EssentialPIM Pro

EssentialPIM 1.5.3 Released

6 July 2005

All known problems and errors are fixed in this release of EssentialPIM. Plus, we decided to add some new features, which were taken from the upcoming Pro version of the program. Like the birthday section in EPIM Today, which will not be shown if thereТre no birthdays in the foreseeable future, thus saving up some space on the screen. Or speed increase for CSV files import.

For the complete list of changes, please consult with the Version History section.

EssentialPIM Pro 1.5 RC2 Released

21 June 2005

Second Release Candidate version of EssentialPIM 1.5 is here. All known bugs are fixed and a couple of new features related to the programТs speed are added. Please feel free to download the RC2 version from the following locations:

Desktop version:
Portable version with Installer:
Portable version without Installer (zip):

Preferred way of reporting bugs:

Please note that the 30% discount price for early buyers is still active. DonТt miss a good opportunity and order the program today!

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