News and Updates About EssentialPIM

EssentialPIM 1.0 Beta 3 Released

4 January 2005

Beta 3 is the pre-release version of EssentialPIM. It introduces some new features along with the bug fixes. More features suggested by you but still not implemented are to come in the next version.

For the detailed list of changes тАУ please see Version History.

Feel Free to Donate and Help Us With Further Development of EssentialPIM

29 December 2004

EssentialPIM is a freeware and will stay such! But we have now made opportunity for people to donate to expedite the development of EssentialPIM. Please visit donate page for more details.

Want to See EssentialPIM Speaking Your Language? Translate it!

24 December 2004

EssentialPIM interface can be easly translated into your native language. If you want to help to the users of your country, please feel free to download Translator's package. It consists of interface language file and Help file. Interface translation usually takes no more than a couple of hours. Help file translation could take up to 10 hours.

More info about TranslatorтАЩs package
Download Translator's package (187 KB)

EssentialPIM 1.0 Beta 2 Released

22 December 2004

New Beta version of EssentiapPIM consists of many improvements suggested by users and bug fixes. We tried to implement the most important and demanded features requested by people into this release.

We also tried to get rid of all the bugs the program recently had. Even thought we werenтАЩt able to reproduce some of them, we rewrote some segments of code in order to make it more stable.

More detailed information about changes for the current version is in the Version History section.

EssentialPIM 1.0 Beta is Publicly Available Now!

7 December 2004

We are proud to present EssentialPIM - free and innovative Personal Information Manager. It includes Schedules, Notes, and Contacts modules. Each module has been designed to meet the highest industry standards.

Colorful and easy to read day/week/month/year schedules will help you to keep your plans in easy and convenient way тАУ like you always wanted.

Hierarchical multilevel structure of notes should help you to organize your notes and search through them with a click of a mouse.

Adjustable views for comfortable representation of contacts allow you to see only that information, which you want to see.

EssentialPIM is also capable of importing/exporting information to/from MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express, printing of schedules, notes, and contacts, and saving information into various popular formats like HTML, RTF, TXT, etc.

Plus, the program is completely free and does not contain spyware, adware or any other malicious code.

EPim Ltd., Team.

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