News and Updates About EssentialPIM

EssentialPIM for Android 4.5.2 Released

18 January 2017

What's new:

  • Search in notes is no more case sensitive for Unicode languages on Android 4.x
  • Improved synchronization of notes with Google Drive
  • Fixed issue with reminders showing up earlier on some devices
  • Improved synchronization of passwords with Windows version of EssentialPIM
  • Fixed wrong week numbers in the week view in calendar
  • Moving of notes from one tab to another now functions properly
  • Couple of other minor fixes and improvements

EssentialPIM 7.21 Released

3 January 2017

We announce the immediate availability of EssentialPIM Free and EssentialPIM Pro 7.21. This release offers a new ability to drag&drop tasks in between task lists in the Calendar and EPIM Today modules, introduces optimization regarding the Related Items tab, focuses on UI adjustments and improvements for the high-resolution monitors and fixes couple of synchronization and security related issues.

For more information about changes, please visit the Version History page. For downloads, check out the Get EPIM page.

This update is free for all the lifetime license holders and for users with the regular EssentialPIM Pro licenses who already have the 7.2 version of EPIM Pro installed.

EssentialPIM for Android 4.5.1 Released

22 December 2016

What's new:

  • New "dragging to a parent" feature for tasks and notes
  • Improved how busy days are shown in the calendar’s Year view
  • Go To option now works as expected for the Week view in calendar
  • Couple of tweaks related to synchronization of formatted text with Google Drive
  • Fixed synchronization of deleted contacts with Google Contacts
  • Couple of other fixes and optimizations

EssentialPIM 7.2 Released

13 December 2016

With great pleasure, we announce the immediate availability of EssentialPIM Pro and EssentialPIM Free 7.2! This release comes with numerous improvements and new features, such as:

  • Multiple reminders for appointments and tasks
  • A new contacts view with all fields on one page
  • Back/Forward/History navigation for notes
  • Ability to minimize main navigation pane
  • Custom field types for tasks
  • An additional view for attachments
  • UI improvements and bugfixes

The detailed list of changes is recorded on the Version History page.

For downloads, please visit our Get EPIM page. Note, update to the new EssentianPIM Pro version is free as for the regular 1 year of updates license holders who purchased their license on or after December 1-st, 2015 as for the lifetime license owners. If you need to renew you license, please check out the update options on the Buy page.

EssentialPIM for Android 4.5 Released

12 December 2016

What's new:

  • Select multiple items and perform actions
  • Mark appointments as complete from the preview window
  • Multiple reminders
  • Assign contacts to tasks and events
  • Data backup/restore option
  • Copy-paste feature for appointments
  • Ability to mark appointments as exclusive
  • Share notes
  • Sort tasks by modified date
  • Option to hide empty time slots in calendar
  • Ability to quick filter tasks when selecting a parent item
  • Text formatting in notes
  • Ability to manually sort categories

EssentialPIM for Android 4.2.6 Released

14 October 2016

What's new:

  • Improved synchronization speed with Windows version of EssentialPIM
  • Select date/time dialogs should look better on Android 4.x/5.x
  • Fixed error when clicking on the birthday field in contacts
  • Other minor fixes

EssentialPIM 7.13 Released

5 October 2016

We would like to announce the immediate availability of the new Pro and Free versions of EssentialPIM. This release offers fixes and improvements related as to synchronization with Andorid EPIM, as to EssentilaPIM itself. The detailed list of changes is available on the Version History page.

We encourage all users to update to the latest release as it brings necessary stability improvements. Update to the 7.13 version of EssentialPIM Pro is free for all users who already have any EssentialPIM Pro 7.1x series version installed.

You can download EssentialPIM 7.13 from the Get EPIM page.

If you wish to renew your license, check out the "Renew EssentialPIM Pro license" section on the Pricing page.

EssentialPIM for Android 4.2.5 Released

23 September 2016

What's new:

  • Mark appointments as complete form the Reminders window by long tapping on them
  • Snooze times now work correctly for tasks' reminders
  • Improved synchronization with Google Tasks
  • Fixed font size setting for notes
  • Fixed issue with appointments not being automatically created for contact birthdays earlier than 1938
  • Fixed couple of problems with Win EPIM synchronization
  • Other minor bug fixes

EssentialPIM 7.12 Released

13 September 2016

We are proud to announce that EssentialPIM 7.12 has been released. This is an improvement release with couple of new features and improvements. All the bugs found since last version were fixed, as well. To check the detailed list of changes, visit the Version History page.

Update to EssentialPIM Pro 7.12 is free for all lifetime license holders and if you already have the 7.1x version of EPIM installed regardless of your 1-year of free updates license expiration date. In you need to renew your license, please visit the Pricing page.

New version is available for download from the Get EPIM page. All users are encouraged to update to this version.

EssentialPIM for Android 4.2.4 Released

7 September 2016

What's new:

  • You can now copy notes directly from the password preview window
  • No more duplicate reminders for the recurring appointments
  • Fixed removal of the contact groups
  • Hierarchical structure now being correctly shown for the completed items on the Tasks widget
  • Other minor bug fixes
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