Calendar Subscription

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EssentialPIM allows you to subscribe to iCal calendars available online. To do so, navigate to File -> Subscriptions -> Add Calendar (iCal) Subscription.




URL - link to the iCal calendar location

Name - calendar's name

Assign color - choose which color the events will be shown with

Remove - allows you to exclude/include remainders and attachments from the subscription

Refresh - sets the update frequency


Once you have added a subscription to EssentialPIM, a read-only calendar is automatically created with all the relevant records.


If you want to delete a subscription, simply follow these steps:


1.Navigate to the Tools menu.

2.Select Options and look for the subscription name you want to delete.

3.Click on the Delete Subscription button.




Once you have confirmed the deletion, the calendar and all associated records will be removed from EssentialPIM.