EPIM Server

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EssentialPIM is capable of syncing with a database stored on the server or another PC. Prerequisites for establishing synchonization are:


- Firebird server installed on the server or another PC

- EssentialPIM


First, you need to install Firebird server an a PC where EPIM database file is going to be stored. Firebird server is a part of the EssentialPIM Business package.




Once Firebird is installed on the server PC you can add synchronization on a client EssentialPIM under File -> Synchronizations -> Add Synchronization -> EPIM Server.




Server address - here you need to enter the IP address or domain name of the PC with Firebird installed. You can check the external IP address of the server by opening the following link on it - https://www.whatismyip.com/ (or any other similar service).

Database file path - here you need to enter a local path to the database on the server. The path shouldn't contain any network-specific elements like network connected drives or a computer's name.


Under the Database authorization section you need to enter your login and password the EPIM server administrator should have provided you with. If you are the only user for the particular database, you can use the default admin credentials where User login: SYSDBA and User password: masterkey.

If a database is password-protected, you need to enter that password in the Database password field.




Adjust sync direction and other options on the final sync wizard step, if necessary.