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EssentialPIM database file can be locked with a password. Data is encrypted using strong encryption algorithm. In addition, you can lock database on minimize of after a period of inactivity.

Setup a password

To protect currently opened database with a password navigate to File -> Database Password.




You need to enter your password twice and then select the encryption algorithm.


Once your database is encrypted, EssentialPIM will ask for a password each time upon opening the database file.

To remove password protection, navigate to File -> Database Password and enter the existing password. Once you do that, the following dialog window appears.




Click on the Remove Password button removes password protection from the database. You may also change your password and/or encryption algorithm in this window, if needed.

Password protection settings

Besides database protection on the program's start, it is also possible to additionally password protect data when program window is minimized of after a period of inactivity. These settings can be adjusted by clicking on Tools -> Options -> Security.