Synchronizing with EPIM Cloud

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Synchronization with EPIM Cloud can be performed either automatically or manually. By default, synchronization runs automatically on EssentialPIM start, exit and every hour. To start the synchronization manually, click on File -> EPIM Cloud -> Synchronization.


EPIM Cloud synchronization options can be accessed by clicking on File -> EPIM Cloud -> Options or under Tools -> Options -> EPIM Cloud.




Please note, since the main purpose of EPIM Cloud is to share data between Windows versions of EssentialPIM, some changes made in the cloud through a web browser might not be properly reflected in EssentialPIM.


To stop using EPIM Cloud with the current EPIM database file, Sign out by clicking on File -> EPIM Cloud. To completely remove synchronization with the service, click on the Delete synchronization button under Tools -> Options -> EPIM Cloud.