Editing an appointment

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Appointments can be edited by double-clicking on them.




Subject - name of the appointment.

Location - location for the appointment. The list of locations will be saved and available for future use from the dropdown list. You can add, edit or delete locations using this menu. To do so, click on the Manage Locations option at the end of the list.




Start time - sets the start time.

End time - sets the end time.

Duration - automatically shows the duration of an appointment, can be edited manually.

All day event - an event for the whole day or days without start and end times.

Exclusive appointment - such appointments cannot be overlapped with other events, ensuring exclusivity of their timeframe.

Priority - allows you to set a priority.

Completion - sets a rate of completion.

Category - sets a category for an appointment. You can create custom categories by pressing the "..." button.


Reminder section


Enable reminder by clicking on the Reminder checkbox:





Additional reminder options can be set by clicking on the Advanced button:




You will be able to choose whether a Default sound or any custom Sound file (*.wav or *.mp3) will be used for alerts.

Message field allows you to set a Custom message for the reminder.

You can also assign a program that will run with the reminder. Click on the Browse button and choose the desired app.


Repeat Appointment


Make a recurring appointment by enabling the Repeat Appointment checkbox




You can set daily, weekly, or monthly recurrences. By default an event will expire after 10 occurrences. Adjust the number or change the expiry date, if needed. For more complex recurrence patterns, click the Advanced button:




This dialog allows you to fine tune recurrence patterns. I.e. you can choose to repeat an appointment every second Tuesday every 3 months.