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News and Updates About EssentialPIM

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We saw it when our children were little and then with our grandchildren, too. "It" is the urge to organize things. They sorted blocks by color, shape and size or rounded up stuffed animals according to their kind. They differed in how they organized, but the children instinctively brought order to their world.

Ours is not a world of toys, but a glut of information that creates its own need for order. This is where PIM software shines. Our first post looked at ways that a personal information manager (PIM) helps to gather your scattered contacts, to dos, passwords, lists and more. In this post I want to consider how an app like EssentialPIM helps to organize what you've collected.

This is not so much about "how to" organize as it is a look at a few tools for getting organized in EPIM. We'll group them under three R's: Record, Return and Retrieve.

The newspaper that I delivered through my teen years is out of business and the insurance company where I began my IT career has merged so many times that it is unrecognizable.

So, how is it that EssentialPIM keeps shining after 16 years when we use an every day event — sunset — to describe the disappearance of so many personal information managers and other apps?

We announce the immediate availability of EssentialPIM 8.65. This release improves synchronization and authorization with Dropbox, Office365, iCloud and Google services. We also fixed an issue when the newly created tasks and notes were placed into the wrong lists/trees. Couple of performance and usability improvements are among the changes, as well. For the complete list of changes in this version, please see the Version History page.

Update to this version is free for the regular one year of free updates license owners if they already have the 8.6x series version of EssentialPIM Pro installed. The update is always free for the lifetime license owners.

New version downloads can be found on the Get EPIM page or you can get the update from within EPIM by clicking on Help->Check for Updates.

If you need to renew your existing EssentialPIM Pro license or get a new one, see the Pricing page for the available options.

What's new:

  • Some visual improvements for the tasks widget
  • Links in the notes field for items will now work correctly
  • Improved the way sorting feature works in all modules
  • No more missing line brakes for notes after synchronization
  • Fixed issue with missing tags in some rare cases
  • Fixed crash when searching for events in calendar
  • Lots of other minor fixes and stability improvements

Before EssentialPIM, I organized my work somehow — probably in a spreadsheet — but I can't remember exactly because that's how long EPIM has been my time tracking software.

As an IT professional, I am assigned to several projects simultaneously and have to log the time I spend each week into Workday, our human resources system. Even if I shorten the time-entry window to daily, I cannot remember at the end of the day where my time goes because of interruptions and unrelated tasks.

We announce the immediate availability of EssentialPIM 8.64 (Pro and Free versions). There are couple of improvements in the new version, including customizable shortcut for Paste as Plain Text option, new shortcuts for Advanced Search and item editing dialog windows, improved authorization for CalDAV/CardDAV servers and Microsoft services and better synchronization with Android EPIM. Several bug fixes were also included in this release. The detailed list of changes is recoded on the Version History page.

All EssentialPIM 8.6x users are advised to update to this version. Update to the latest version of EssentialPIM Pro is free with the lifetime license or if you have the regular one year of free updates license and already have the 8.6x series version. To renew you license, visit the Pricing page or click on Help->About in EPIM and click on the corresponding option.

EssentialPIM will notify you about the update automatically. If you don't wish to wait (as this is a staged release), please feel free to download the latest version from the Get EPIM page.

True confession. About a year ago I began moving my notes from EssentialPIM to another app even though I have been an EPIM user and beta tester for 14 years — almost from the day it came out. The fling didn't last long, and I am committed to EPIM as my notes app once again. This is the story.

What's new:

  • Improved merging of duplicated contacts
  • More user-friendly instant search in all modules
  • Sorting of tasks by modified date will work as expected now
  • Copy&paste bug shouldn't be an issue anymore
  • Fixed issue with missing fields when creating tasks and events
  • Other minor fixes and performance improvements

When you trust your personal information to a software program, you expect a lot, such as

  • Flexibility. It has to handle the variety in your life - your schedule and friends, your random thoughts and what you have to do, and even the passwords to your various accounts.
  • Usability. You want that friend's phone number fast and without a lot of taps on the screen or clicks of the mouse.
  • Portability. You get around and your information has to be right with you, fingertip close. Whether on a phone or tablet or desktop, you need what you need to know at hand, whenever and wherever.

What's new:

  • Use OR, AND, NOT [or AND NOT] operators in search
  • Backup app settings along with other data
  • See the number of found items in search
  • Set the default duration for events
  • Merge similar or duplicate contacts
  • Adjust time scale in calendar
  • Rich text support in notes field for different type of items
  • Improved iCal (.ICS) files export of events and tasks (using Share)
  • Other improvements and fixes
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