EssentialPIM and data, stored in its database is immune to any kind of surveillance, including NSA/CIA and here is how:

  1. By default, EssentialPIM does not go online, except once a week to check for updates on our website (can be switched off in Options).
Protect 1
  1. EssentialPIM keeps all entered data offline and NEVER sends it anywhere, unless user sets up synchronization with numerous cloud services.
  2. Even if a user has added synchronization with Google or Dropbox, he or she can switch it off completely by deleting the synchronization in Tools → Options. After this no data will be ever sent to the Internet (saying "No" to any kind of surveillance again).
  3. In addition to storing your data offline, EssentialPIM can encrypt your data with strong algorithms, like AES Rijndael 256. Use File → Password Protect to encrypt your database.
Protect 2
  1. Direct synchronization with Android and Apple devices through local network, without Internet and any 3rd party services.
  2. EssentialPIM Pro Business, our small to medium sized workgroups solution keeps data within local network, synchronizing it between clients locally - no data is send to the Internet.
  3. Astonsoft Ltd., the maker of EssentialPIM is a EU company, based in Estonia, far away from major interests of special agencies of big countries.