The EssentialPIM Notes module provides advanced text editing tools for creating dynamic notes with pictures, emojis, and attachments. These notes can be organized in a flat or tree-like multilevel structure, making it simple to manage and categorize your information. Tags can be added to further coordinate your notes. The module also supports synchronization with popular cloud services such as Google, Microsoft, and NextCloud, ensuring access to your notes across multiple devices and platforms. With the powerful features of the EssentialPIM Notes module, users can stay organized and have their thoughts readily available whenever needed.



Use Text Styles to Format Faster

Streamline your formatting process with text styles. With a single mouse click, you can apply font type, size, alignment, and other parameters to any text, saving you time and effort.

Sticky Notes on Your Screen

Pin customizable notes to your desktop for quick reference. The sticky notes are easily editable and readily available, providing convenience at your fingertips.

Insert Anchors

Easily navigate within your documents by adding anchors anywhere in the text. Jump directly to specific parts of the document with ease.

Rich Text Formatting for Note Titles

Apply rich text formatting to note titles, allowing you to customize the appearance of your note lists and make them visually appealing.

Other Advanced Features to Boost Your Productivity

  • Organize information in a tree-like multilevel structure for easy navigation and hierarchical representation

  • Enhance your editing experience with rulers and line numbers

  • Transform your notes into actionable items by seamlessly converting them into appointments or tasks

  • Enrich your documents by easily inserting pictures, tables, or any formatted text

Notes are integrated and synchronized with:

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