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We are pleased to announce the release of EssentialPIM 9.10.7. This release includes better looking active tabs for notes and tasks, improved synchronization with and Google, speedier search in Contacts, couple of improvements related to how email messages are handled and other improvements and fixes. For details, please check out the Version History page.

You should get notification about the new version automatically within a day or two. Note, the latest EPIM version can always be downloaded and installed from the Get EPIM page, as well.

Those who use word processors say styles are one of the most powerful tools in these applications. EssentialPIM is not a word processor, but its Notes module does have this important feature. In this post, we'll look at how styles work in EPIM and can help your writing.

What's new:

  • Further optimizations and preparations for upcoming Android 12
  • Fixed backup and restore on Android 11

The updated version is already available on the Google Play Store or you can download it manually from our web site.

We would like to announce the release of EssentialPIM 9.10.5. It comes with a handful of improvements and fixes. Some of the Improvements include better visibility of active tabs for notes and tasks, quick print for items from the Today module, tweaks regarding synchronization with Outlook 365 and Google Contacts, more correct functioning of the Sent Later feature in mail and adding new email accounts to EPIM is much easier now with the improved email setup wizard. The detailed list of changes can be found on the Version History page.

To check whether the update has already reached you, click on Help->Check for Updates from EPIM or wait till the app automatically notifies you about availably of the new version. Manual updates are also possible form the Get EPIM page.

What's new:

  • Fixed couple of Android 11 related issues
  • Various optimizations and minor bug fixes

Please allow couple of days till the update reaches you or download and install manually from our web site.

I have three EssentialPIM databases that I want available to some extent on five devices. In this post, I want to describe my solutions, ask for your feedback, and tell a few things I've learned about synchronization.

Here is my situation. I have a database for writing, another for special projects, and one for work. My writing and projects use Notes; my work database is my personal information manager (PIM) where I use all of EPIM's modules, except mail. Tasks and the Calendar are particularly important because these join my work and personal activities.

I want access to my writing and special projects on three personal Windows devices: desktop, laptop, and notebook. My PIM is on my remote Windows desktop at work but I want it available on my desktop and its calendar on my smartphone.

Here are the solutions I've come up with.

What's new:

  • Optimized EPIM data backup and restore experience
  • Improved synchronization of notes with Windows EPIM
  • No more fingerprint request upon EPIM’s stat (if not set otherwise in options) for devices with under-display fingerprint sensor
  • Auto-conversion of text to links setting now works for all types of data
  • New tasks coming from Google will be automatically displayed in EPIM’s calendar if the “show in calendar” option is enabled in tasks settings
  • URLs will be clickable in custom fields, as well
  • Minor performance and stability improvements

As always, please keep in mind that you might get this release through the auto update feature in couple of days only as it’s being distributed in stages.

We announce the immediate availability of EssentialPIM 9.10. New features include:

Send later (in Mail)*

Send later (in Mail)

You now have the ability to write an email and schedule it to be sent out by EPIM at your specified date and time in the future. This will bring the deliverability of your emails at a time when you are not available or when it's more convenient for your recipients from different time zones.

Help and the F1 key have been longstanding companions in Windows applications, including EssentialPIM. However, EPIM severs this tie as of its newest release, v9.9.7.

The F1 key is now available as a custom shortcut that you can assign by going to Menu: Tools > Options > Shortcuts. If you can't shake old habits and want to keep F1 as Help, don’t despair. F1 will continue to bring up help unless you assign it to another function. Help is also available through Menu: Help > Help Contents.

This innovation is an opportunity to explore another function key whose role recently expanded.

We are pleased to announce yet another 9.9.x series release of EssentialPIM 9.9.7. With this new release we mostly focused on fixing known issues and improving overall performance and stability of the program. Couple of new features were also added. The detailed list of changes is as always available on the Version History page.

EssentialPIM will automatically notify you about the new version within the next couple of days. Although, you can update manually by downloading the new version from the Get EPIM page. Update to this version of EssentialPIM Pro is free for you if you already have one of the 9.9.x series version installed regardless of your 1-year of free updates license expiration date.

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