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Your personal organizer is as good as your last backup. If you delete or corrupt your information and can't recover it, panic sets in.

A backup saved my career as a programmer. It wasn't for my personal organizer but an online mainframe database that served our field offices across the United States. I hadn't been programming long and was on call for the New Year's holiday when our data center alerted me about a problem with our system. I drove to the office, logged in, and began troubleshooting. When I executed what I thought was the fix, I deleted the database.

What's new:

  • Speedier synchronization with EPIM Cloud
  • Sorting order of categories will now be correctly synchronized with WinEPIM
  • Fixed inability to add contact photos from the camera app on Android 11+
  • Fixed duplication of events on the calendar’s widget
  • More bug fixes and performance improvements based on your feedback

The new version should become available for you through the Google Play store in couple of days. Direct download of the APK file is also possible from the app’s page.

We would like to announce the immediate availibility of EssentialPIM 11.1.11. Despite of the nice looking version number, this release offers improvements regarding synchronizaton with NextCloud and ownCloud services, fixes an issue related to multiple login attempts when adding or working with Office 365/Exchange mail and data accounts and takes care of some other known issues.

To check if the update has already reached you, click on Help->Check for Updates or simply visit the downloads page and get the new version manually.

Introducing the new updates for both Android and Windows versions of EPIM. Even though the changes might seem minor, they are very important ones in terms of performance and stability of the apps for both platforms. We encourage everyone to update to the latest releases.

Here’s what’s new in Windows EssentialPIM 11.1.10:

  • Fixed an issue with new mail not being displayed for some Gmail accounts
  • Several other stability improvements and bug fixes

Changes in Android EPIM 6.0.8 include:

  • Improved synchronization with EPIM Cloud
  • Fixed some known issues

The new versions are delivered in stages, and you should get notification asking you to update not later than in 2-3 days (if not already). As always if you don’t wish to wait, feel free to get the latest versions of Windows EPIM and Android EPIM directly from our web site.

We're pleased to announce the release of EPIM 11.1.7. The new version brings some noticeable improvements regarding overall stability of the program and couple of tweaks here and there to make your experience even more smooth and seamless. The detailed list of changes can be found on the Version History page.

Keep your productivity up and upgrade to the latest release either automatically (EPIM should notify you abut the new version soon, if not already) or manually by downloading and installing it from the Download page.

What's new:

  • Many improvements regarding synchronization with EPIM Cloud
  • If time is set for tasks (not only date), it will now also be shown on widgets
  • Several visual improvements including the ones for overdue tasks
  • Filtration of events by categories will work as expected now
  • Fixed removal of CRLF's in tasks' notes for direct WinEPIM-AndroidEPIM synchronization
  • Fixed many other known issues since previous version

You will be able to get the latest version from the Google Play store as soon as it reaches you (may take couple of days) or by downloading the APK file and installing it manually on your device.

We announce the immediate availability of EssentialPIM 11.1.5. This release brings back the Fill Color button for notes, improves synchronization with Google services (Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Drive) and EPIM Cloud, offers an ability to change order of contact fields and takes care of many other stability and performance related issues.

We encourage all users to upgrade to this version. For details of included changes, please see the Version History page.

For downloads, head over to the Download page or update from within EssentialPIM by clicking on Help->Check for Updates.

We are pleased to announce the release of EssentialPIM 11.1 (Free and Pro versions). This release brings many exciting new features, some of which are described in more details below.

Improved global Sidebar

Global Sidebar

Choose what comes first – calendar or tasks, close either of the sections instantly without going through menus, see additional horizontal calendars (if width allows) and a list of upcoming events for calendars.

What's new:

  • Improved synchronization with EPIM Cloud
  • Improved direct synchronization of contacts and tasks with Windows EPIM
  • Sharing to EPIM from other apps feature is back
  • Tags Explorer now displays tags sorted by usage
  • Fixed inability to mark tasks as completed through widget
  • Several other stability improvements and bug fixes

As always it could take couple of days till the new version reaches you through the Google Play store. Manual download of the new APK file is available from the Android EPIM page.

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