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You take the time to log your appointments and to dos, to record your contacts and notes, to secure passwords and connect your email, all to have your world at hand in your personal information manager.

But there is more than what you can type into your PIM. There are receipts, articles, documents, pictures and more that you also want to access. Attachments are the means for bringing in what’s outside.

In this post we'll review this important feature of EssentialPIM.

We would like to announce the release of EssentialPIM 9.8 Pro and Free versions. This update offers couple of highly requested features like support for drag&drop of notes and files into and from the notes tree, word count that’s working for all the selected notes, option to disable quoting text of the original email message or include selected text only (if any) when quoting text in replies or forwards. In calendar you can enjoy auto-scaling of hours grid in month and week views (right click on the time scale and choose Automatic) and extended tooltips in the month view if not all appointments are currently visible (move your mouse over the yellow rectangle). Letter bar in the passwords module and improved printout of advanced search results are also among the changes. To see a more detailed list, please check the Version History page.

To download the new version of EssentialPIM, click on Help->Check for Updates or wait till the program automatically notifies you about the update. Remember, you can always update manually by downloading and installing the latest version from the Get EPIM page.

Update to the 9.8 version of EssentialPIM Pro is free for the owners of the lifetime licenses or if your regular 1-year of free updates license was acquired/updated after April 15-th of 2020. Licenses update and renewal options are available on the Pricing page.

We looked in the last post at how EssentialPIM Pro Business Edition (EPIMBE) is not just for businesses, but for families, too. What distinguishes the Business Edition is the availability of a single database to a group. If you need to see and update the same information at the same time as others in your family or work, then EPIMBE is for you.

In this post, we'll look at setting up and running Business Edition and at some tips along the way.

What's new:

  • Notes can now be sorted by their creation date
  • Some improvements related to backup and restore procedures
  • Fixed issue when deleted tasks were still shown on the calendar's widget
  • Improved how series of recurring events are shown for assigned contacts
  • Dark theme for widgets should be working on all devices
  • Couple of minor bug fixes and improvements

Note, this is a staged roll-out release, so it could take some time till it reaches you

Enza has been using EssentialPIM for a few weeks and wants to know how to make the calendar and other information available family-wide. Besides hers and her husband's work schedules, there are the school activities for their son and daughter to manage. And there are the family to do lists; business, school and personal contacts; and passwords that EPIM can store all in one place.

To get started, Enza has put a lot of this in EPIM on her own desktop, but she doesn't want to be the ongoing keeper of the family information. She knows there must be a way for her husband and children to manage their own details, yet share them with each other.

We would like to announce the release of EPIM 9.7.5. This is mostly a bug fix release, although we also included couple of new and improved features into it. Say, you will now be able to choose on which Leaf in Notes an attached (or linked) PDF file is going to be shown inline, quickly increase/decrease indents in Sticky Notes using shortcuts, use the convenient drag&drop feature for words and phrases in the Quick Reply box in Mail and fully utilize the recently announce specific date/time reminder feature for appointments.

We encourage all EPIM users to update to this release and experience stability and performance improvements. More detailed list of changes is on the Version History page. Update to EssentialPIM Pro 9.7.5 is free if you already have the 9.7 version installed (regardless of your regular license with 1 year of free updates expiration date).

Update should happen automatically. You can speed it up by clicking on Help->Check for Updates from the menu or by downloading and installing EPIM 9.7.5 from the Get EPIM page.

We announce the immediate availability of EssentialPIM 9.7. This release comes with numerous improvements such as:

  • Add several related items at once through the Insert Hyperlink dialog window
  • Set up reminders at specific date/time for events in Calendar (Reminder->Custom…)
  • Create tags by typing # directly from sticky notes
  • You can now choose not to show number of unread messages for any mail folder (right click, Properties)
  • Specific set of columns in Advanced Search depending on the type of searched item
  • Common keyboard shortcuts to increase/decrease idents in Notes (Ctrl+M & Ctrl+Shift+M)
  • Call up Google Maps for addresses in Contacts
  • Choose if to embed attachments into iCal files for events and tasks when sending them out via email
  • Faster quick search feature in Mail and in Notes
  • Improved synchronization with 365 accounts

We also made quite a number of under the hood changes and adjustments that were meant to increase performance and overall stability of EPIM. Take a look at the Version History page for a more detailed list of changes.

For downloads of EPIM 9.7 please visit the Get EPIM page or wait till EssentialPIM automatically notifies you about the new version.

Update to the latest Pro version is free for anyone with the Lifetime licenses and for the Regular licenses purchased or updated after February 1, 2020. To renew your license, check out available options on the Pricing page.

Sports have a way of equalizing the skills of participants so that their performance is comparable. The players are given a “handicap”.

In everyday life, however, a handicap is not given, but is something one has and it does not equalize our ability. The handicapped person has to make accommodations to deal with everyday life.

EssentialPIM can be such an accommodation and in this post, I will try to tell how it can help make life easier for the handicapped. Every handicap is different, so I am speaking for myself. (I apologize to have used pictures from my German version in this article, but I’m sure readers will understand their content).

What's new:

  • Improved synchronization of contacts with WinEPIM (including full support of contact groups)
  • Fixed a minor issue with tasks not being set to correct dates during synchronization with WinEPIM
  • Stability improvements

Real estate on the computer screen is valuable, much like real estate on the market.

Having space to work and being able to personalize that workspace are things that EPIM users have been requesting for a while. They are coming to pass; the EPIM team introduced a number of customizations in the past year.

The amount of space for work is important, but so is how it looks. Let's start with ways you can tailor EssentialPIM’s appearance.

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