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I have been using EssentialPIM since 2009, first the free version and then I ended up buying the lifetime license because this tool quickly became essential. The features of the pro version are limitless. I searched for a long time and I finally found what I needed! I like the fact that the EPIM team is very active and responsive. Each time I asked them, they always responded attentively to our needs (EssentialPIM Android and Windows).

There are regular updates, always with something new, that make this an efficient tool.

We announce the immediate availability of EssentialPIM Pro and EssentialPIM Free 9.1 This release introduces significant improvements to the recently introduced anchors feature in notes (you will now be able to rename anchors, delete multiple anchors at once and link to the anchors through the common Insert Hyperlink dialog window for more efficient workflow), adjustments to spam filter logic for more intelligent detection of spam, improved synchronization with Office 365 accounts and couple of other improvements and optimizations. The detailed list of changes is available on the Version History page.

Update to EssentialPIM Pro 9.1 is free for all the lifetime license owners and if you purchased the regular 1-year of free updates license after the June 15-th 2019. Check out the renewal and upgrade options on the Pricing page, should you need to update your license.

The 9.1 version is being distributed in stages so it might take couple of days till it reaches you. You can always check whether the update is already available by clicking on Help->Check for Updates. Another option would be to update manually by downloading the latest version from the Get EPIM page.

How do you use EssentialPIM?

The answers are as varied as the people who use this app to manage their personal information.

I put the question to the EPIM family, first by exploring the forum for posts about EPIM's use and then by contacting some directly about their experience.

We're very excited to announce the release of EssentialPIM 9.0! Below is the list of the new major features that are included in this version:

Dark Mode

EPIM Dark Mode

Enhancing visual ergonomics, EssentialPIM is now offering you a more comfy user interaction within the software. Incorporating Dark Theme, the program uses a darker palette for windows and controls. Reduce the eye strain and organize your information effectively!

Big thanks to Windows Report (a software and hardware expertise web site that helped 500MM+ PC users guiding them with how-to advice, news and tips) for ranking us 1st and recommending EssentialPIM in their annual coverage "11 Best Information Organizer Software to use (2020 Guide)".

We promise that we will continue to live up to people's expectation and provide the best Personal Information Manager experience there is.

What's new:

  • Performance enhancements
  • Minor bug fixes

Software and friends can be alike — no matter how long you know them, they can still surprise you.

I have been using EssentialPIM since 2005 and was recently surprised by a feature in Notes that I discovered by chance. I'll come to the surprise later, but I had learned a new way to hold my place in a note and it got me thinking about the times you leave your work and need to return. You have an idea where you were, but need help getting back.

Here are four ways EPIM helps.

What's new:

  • iOS Dark Mode support
  • Synchronization with Google Tasks
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

What's new:

  • Improved synchronization with Google Contacts
  • Last used calendar view will be remembered when using Calendar shortcut
  • Duplicate contacts finder is now more precise
  • Some improvements for tasks synchronization with WinEPIM
  • EPIM's icon on the home screen will show the correct number of notifications
  • Fixed crash in tasks when setting up some specific recurrence patterns
  • Formatted contact notes will now be shown correctly in the default contacts app
  • Other various bug fixes and improvements

What's new:

  • EssentialPIM is now fully compatible with iPad
  • Interface improvements
  • Fixed synchronization of calendar events
  • Other minor bug fixes and product improvements
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