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Back then, managing schedules was a long and arduous process for businesses. Imagine, secretaries had to jot down appointments on calendars, and if there were any changes, they needed to rewrite the details all over again as they put the engagement on another date. Contacts were stored on address books, and to search for one would require you to sift through page after page until you found the information you were looking for. Calendars were a big mess on a corkboard, and sticky notes piled over one another as more details were added for a meeting. Sensitive data was exposed to prying eyes, since they were written down on notepads or post-its on desks.

Long before there was a module for passwords or mail and before there were features like tags and hyperlinking and synchronization, users were creative about making EssentialPIM their one place to manage personal information.

They fled other apps for EPIM.

To say fled is not too strong. They were eager to migrate to EPIM because of frustration with their other apps or the complexity of having multiple tools. The capabilities of EssentialPIM in versions even before 2.0 attracted them.

SoftwareWorld, a software review site has listed EsentialPIM in their list of top-rated Personal Information Management Software for its flexible services and data management. They have given 96/100 to EssentialPIM in Task Management Software category for managing work tasks on a great pace. For Contact Management and Appointment Scheduling categories EssentialPIM has earned 95/100 for well-organized workplans and productive synchronization. The acknowledgement of SoftwareWorld verifies the user adaptability and work schedule customization of EssentialPIM. The recognition of SoftwareWorld for Personal Information Management Software upraises the credibility and brand value of EssentialPIM in the tech world.

We're pleased to announce the new version of EssentialPIM 9.3 (Free and Pro versions). The new version will allow you to choose any keyboard shortcut to be used for creating new items, you will also be able to choose the default duration for new appointments, as well as utilize the "Save & New" button which is now available for all types of EssentialPIM items. To get to the full list of new features, changes and fixes, please visit the Version History page.

You should automatically get notification about the new version from EPIM. Although, as it's being distributed in stages, there could be a little delay – a day or two till you get it. And there's always an option to update manually by downloading the latest version from the Get EPIM page.

Update to EssentialPIM Pro 9.3 is free for the lifetime license owners and for the regular license owners with 1 year of free updates if such a license was purchased on the 1-st of August 2019 or later. Licenses can be updated or renewed on the Pricing page.

Keeping track of finances can be hard when there are so many different options. And if you're already an avid user of EPIM, having to use additional software to keep track of your finances can be a pain.

Luckily, with enough creativity, you can use EssentialPIM to stay on top of your finances too! To do this we will be using custom fields in the Contacts module.

What's new:

  • Added Russian language
  • Couple of improvements and bug fixes

I write and have taught classes for adults, two activities that require taking and organizing notes. I wrote in a previous post about why I chose EssentialPIM for storing my extensive notes. This post shows how EPIM helps me organize them.

Software reviewers say the best outliner apps make it easy to see your information, easy to arrange and rearrange and easy to find. EssentialPIM excels at each of these.

We announce the immediate availability of EssentialPIM 9.2. New and improved features included in the release are as follows:

  • Synchronization with Microsoft To Do
  • Text formatting shortcuts (bold, italic, bullets, strikethrough, etc.) for sticky notes
  • Delete multiple recurring appointments with a single click ("Apply to all" checkbox)
  • "Show in Calendar" option will now be included in the task templates
  • Improved Vertical View (In Groups) in mail
  • Advanced Search should now work much faster when searching for events
  • Filters applied in Table view will also work in all other calendar views
  • Improved synchronizations with Google, iCloud and Office 365
  • Various other improvements and fixes

The full list of changes is recorded in the Version History.

Update to EssentialPIM Pro 9.2 is free for you if you purchased the regular license with 1 year of free updates after July 15, 2019. All the lifetime license owners get this and all future versions update for free. To renew or upgrade your license, head over to the Pricing page.

For new version downloads please visit the Get EPIM page or wait till you get notification form the EPIM’s auto-update system.

What's new:

  • Option to turn off auto-conversion of numbers in the text into clickable links
  • Ability to copy notes for different types of items without going into the editing mode
  • Optimizations regarding search in all modules
  • Improved sharing feature
  • Drag and drop of appointments now works correctly in Calendar for any time scale setting
  • Fixed synchronization with Google Calendar and pictures in notes with Google Drive
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

I have been using EssentialPIM since 2009, first the free version and then I ended up buying the lifetime license because this tool quickly became essential. The features of the pro version are limitless. I searched for a long time and I finally found what I needed! I like the fact that the EPIM team is very active and responsive. Each time I asked them, they always responded attentively to our needs (EssentialPIM Android and Windows).

There are regular updates, always with something new, that make this an efficient tool.

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