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What's new:

  • Improved synchronization of contacts with WinEPIM (including full support of contact groups)
  • Fixed a minor issue with tasks not being set to correct dates during synchronization with WinEPIM
  • Stability improvements

Real estate on the computer screen is valuable, much like real estate on the market.

Having space to work and being able to personalize that workspace are things that EPIM users have been requesting for a while. They are coming to pass; the EPIM team introduced a number of customizations in the past year.

The amount of space for work is important, but so is how it looks. Let's start with ways you can tailor EssentialPIM’s appearance.

In a year when our homes turned into offices and our cars became waiting rooms for appointments, this blog has been a cyberspace water cooler of sorts, a place for enthusiasts of simplicity and efficient organization to gather.

In our first year we have swapped all sorts of stories, from running EssentialPIM under Linux and using the Contacts module for tracking finances to the possibilities of EPIM for distraction free writing.

What's new:

  • Choose how to show tasks without dates when they are sorted by date - at the bottom or at the top of the list
  • Search in Notes will scroll down to the first found result when hitting Enter
  • Synchronization of lists with checkboxes in notes between WinEPIM, Android EPIM and Google Drive now works correctly
  • EPIM shortcuts (1x1) should now always be opening correct modules
  • No more self-increasing font in notes after synchronization with WinEPIM
  • Fixed duplicates when moving sub-tasks from one list to another
  • Other smaller fixes and stability improvements

Please note, this is a staged roll-out release, which means it might take some time till it reaches your Android devices.

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of EssentialPIM 9.6 Pro and Free versions. This release comes with numerous new and improved features, some of them are listed below:

  • Bulk change dates and times for appointments and/or tasks
  • Filter tags in Tags Explorer by their colors
  • Indication of the last event in the series
  • Use F3 hotkey to redo the last search
  • Add multiple related items at once through the Insert Hyperlink window
  • Return to your custom sorting order for tasks (third position when clicking on the column name)
  • Custom sorting for notes, contacts and password trees
  • Match whole word only + Match case options in Advanced Search
  • Arrange tags in the Tags field either alphabetically or by using drag&drop
  • And much more

To see the full list, please head over to the Version History page.

Update to EssentialPIM 9.6 is being rolled out in stages, you should get notification about it in your copy of EssentialPIM not later than in the next couple of days. If you don’t want to wait or prefer to download the new version manually, you can do that from the Get EPIM page.

Update to the Pro version of EssentialPIM 9.6 is free for all users with the lifetime licenses and for the regular licenses with 1 year of free updates if they were purchased after December 15-th, 2019. Licenses can be renewed and updated on the Pricing page.

Crozdesk the Business Software discovery platform has reviewed EssentialPIM and awarded with Crozdesk Quality Choice Award 2020 for Top Ranked solution 89/100 for productive tools, next EPIM has earned another Crozdesk Happiest Users Award 2020 by leading all competitors with 92/100 scores for users satisfaction. One more Crozdesk Trusted Vendor Award fall into the name of EssentialPIM for best responses with 4.5/5 over all star ratings.

EssentialPIM 9.5 was released in early November and introduced at least seventeen new or updated features. This post will look at a few of these in more detail. Click here for the complete list.

What's new:

  • Fixed an issue with the app’s inability to find running copy WinEPIM in the local network
  • Couple of other general bug fixes

What's new:

  • Reminders for tasks should now work correctly
  • Bug fixes

Users have lobbied for a Linux version of EssentialPIM almost from its debut. In the absence of one, many have improvised with various levels of success. We asked Axel, one of these Linux users, to share his experience. This is his story.

For some time now I have tried to write this guest post about running EssentialPIM for Windows (WinEPIM) under Linux.

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