The table below lists spell check dictionary files for EssentialPIM Free and Pro versions.

To install a dictionary into EssentialPIM, click on Tools->Options->Spelling from within the program, select the required option from the list of available dictionaries and click on the Proceed button.

Language Download link
Arabic (North Africa and Middle East) ar.zip
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg.zip
Catalan ca.zip
Croatian (Croatia) hr.zip
Czech (Czech Republic) cz.zip
Danish (Denmark) dk.zip
Dutch (Netherlands) nl.zip
English (GB,US) gb.zip, us.zip
Estonian (Estonia) et.zip
French (France, ...) fr.zip
German (Germany, ...) de.zip
Greek (Greece) gr.zip
Hebrew (Israel) il.zip
Hungarian (Hungary) hu.zip
Italian (Italy) it.zip
Korean ko.zip
Norwegian (Nynorsk + Bokmål) no.zip, nb.zip
Polish (Poland) pl.zip
Portuguese (Portugal + Brazil) pt.zip, br.zip
Romanian (Romania) ro.zip
Russian (Russia) ru.zip
Slovak (Slovakia) sk.zip
Slovenian (Slovenia) sl.zip
Spanish (Spain, ...) es.zip
Swedish (Sweden) se.zip
Turkish (Turkey) tr.zip
Ukrainian (Ukraine) ua.zip
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