I have been using EssentialPIM since 2009, first the free version and then I ended up buying the lifetime license because this tool quickly became essential. The features of the pro version are limitless. I searched for a long time and I finally found what I needed! I like the fact that the EPIM team is very active and responsive. Each time I asked them, they always responded attentively to our needs (EssentialPIM Android and Windows).

There are regular updates, always with something new, that make this an efficient tool.

I work in a private practice. I am a speech therapist and I manage my schedule with EssentialPIM. I use the customized categories (this is the best!) and Notes which allow me to see my weekly schedule at a glance. Of course I find the recurring tasks feature very practical! I also have EPIM Android on my smartphone which I have linked with EPIM Windows so I have everything with me wherever I go.

I have several email accounts (two professional, one family, one for the association that I chair, and one for my online purchases). I created subfolders that allow me to sort my emails and retrieve them easily. The ability to save the templates is very practical for recurring emails.

I added all my passwords to EssentialPIM and synchronization allows me to see them on my smartphone too.

Notes allow me to keep track of phone calls. This is very practical to have the same information. I made folders so everything is very clear with colors and subfolders.

I can pin to-do tasks on my desktop computer so I won’t forget anything.

You can customize the display of your agenda and messages. I like to change it often.

Updates are much easier since version 8: you just click ok and it’s done. This was a wonderful innovation!

The last version (9) allows you to choose between light and dark mode like the Android version. This is surprising but it works!

EssentialPIM has become indispensable for me. I bought it for my secretary too! I recommend this product without reservation. I think you can do more than what I’m doing with it. My working knowledge of EPIM allows me to manage my work with ease and it answers 200% of my needs.

Keep up the good work, EPIM team!

Nathalie Gilles lives in Avignon, France